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Full Truckload Shipping Services Global Terminal


Customers looking for Full Truckload Services can take advantage of our vast network of partner carriers to get their products from one point to the next within the shortest possible time.
Our trucks have the experience and capacity to deliver on our brand promises and, we ensure that they adhere strictly to our standards. We bring a combination of extensive experience and resources to every job and we equip our drivers adequately and appropriately for the road. We are the masters of details and we take care of problems proactively; this means that every journey is planned and all anticipated challenges are prepared for.
We also monitor the process from start to finish and we ensure that the safety of your package is never compromised at any point.

Less Than Truckload LTL Services Global Terminal

Less Than Truckload(LTL)

ASD offers Less Than Truckload(LTL) services for dry or temperature controlled items. We know how to handle the complexities that come with the handling of these kind of goods and we ensure that all bases are covered and all details taken care of.
We also keep our customers informed and updated by providing them with industry trends and news in real-time. We can help you ship as little or as much items as you want with our LTL service.
Shipping with us gives you access to an efficient and readily available nationwide network of shipping partners. This way, our clients are assured that their products will be moved on time-regardless of where it is or where it needs to be.

Container Drayage Services Global Terminal

Container Drayage

ASD takes the guess work out of Port Drayage. We service every port in the country providing a one stop solution for your drayage needs. We have close relationships with all of the Port Terminals as well as Steamship lines. Some 3PL companies feel that container drayage is beneath them but we feel it is the start of the supply chain and take it seriously so continued….
Feel free to contact us with any questions or RFQ’s.

Overdimensional Specialized Transport Global Terminal

Over Dimensional

Oversized and Over-Dimensional Items – items with irregular shapes, unusual sizes, unconventional weights or uncommon dimensions are hard to transport. If your item falls into any of these categories, you are in luck. Dealing with oversized and over-dimensional items is one of our strength areas. We will carry out all necessary analysis and investigate all requirements thoroughly to find the best mode of transportation for your item(s)


QLS is a reliable freight broker and full-service logistics services provider who specializes in expedited shipping and time critical logistics solutions serving people and companies all across North America. By working diligently with various clients, we provide integrated logistics solutions on a customized basis.

We serve various industries from industrial manufacturers and distributors to healthcare and pharmaceutical. We have partnered with our clients to reduce costs, improve efficiency and create a logistics system that contributes to the overall profit of your business. A dedicated team of logistics specialists and carefully selected partners are always ready to provide you with innovative and sustainable logistics services.


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