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American Shippers Dispatch Agent for SEI Acquisition, LLC

Serving all New York and New Jersey Ports

American Shippers provides time-specific, door to port, port to door, same day and next day export import container delivery services in New York and New Jersey ports.

We are an Intermodal drayage company servicing major intermodal hub locations with centrally located terminals. The company utilizes owner operators, dedicated leased units, and a preferred network of outside carriers to provide top quality service!

Intermodal shipping involves the moving of freight in an intermodal container, using multiple modes of transportation (Truck, Rail and/or Ship), without any handling of the freight itself when changing modes.

In almost all cases, Intermodal service provides cost savings compared to long-distance truckload shipping. Include Intermodal in your shipping mix with us, and allow your company to take advantage of the cost efficiencies and the seamless door to door solutions that have a comparable transit time to over the road trucking.

Specializing in container drayage

American Shippers Dispatch is North America’s premier full-service intermodal transportation and 3rd PartyLogistics company. Offering the highest quality, industry-leading port and rail container drayage, terminal operations, dedicated truckload services, and transloading, warehousing and distribution solutions nationwide, we are ready to deliver the transportation requirements you need across the United States.
Backed by more than 750 tractors and drivers across 65 locations and access to over 5 Million square feet of warehousing, distribution, and transloading space at over 100 locations, ASD has the scale and resources to become your Single Source Solution, or “S3”. But it’s not just our coast-to-coast coverage that sets us apart. We can deliver—today—the solutions that physically and technologically connect our shippers’ goods to and from ports, railroad terminals and company locations, all supported by the flexible workforce services that are needed to get the job done.
By employing an asset-light business model and the most advanced and proprietary logistics planning and technology solutions in the industry, we can overcome today’s most complex intermodal transportation and logistics challenges and ensure the timely, efficient and seamless movement of your product from inbound transit to final mile delivery. Not only does this approach help lower operating costs, it also increases the velocity, visibility, security and effectiveness of your shipments. This, in turn, can have a dramatic effect on many of your key performance indicators, including reduced inventory levels, improved speed to market and higher product availability.

See for yourself how American Shippers Dispatch can become your “S3” Partner today!

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American Shippers Dispatch Agent for SEI Acquisition, LLC